Mala Chaliha Talukdar

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Phd in Psychology
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Dr Mala Chaliha Talukdar holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and pursued double Msc, one in Paediatric Nursing and other in Psychology. She has also done a diploma in Homeopathy and Biochemistry under the Medical Board of Mavelil Homeo Mission. She is a Retired Professor-cum-Principal, B.Sc. Nursing College Dibrugarh and currently serves as a Guest Faculty in Psychology Department of Gauhati University. She has also presented Research Papers in National & International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, training etc. She was a Co-author of “Monovigyan Parichay”-The first Textbook in Assamese for Class XI & XII under AHSEC. She was also a coordinator editor and Member Committee of translation of the NCERT textbooks of Psychology to Assamese textbooks 'Manovigyaan' for class XI and “Monovigyan” for class XII of AHSEC.

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