Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to be a leading voice and inspire breakthroughs in the field of Architectural Psychology and to understand its meaning and influence from various standpoints.

The objects of ASAP are as follows:

  • To promote the research and the advancement of knowledge within the purview of Architecture, Psychology and related disciplines such as Urban Planning, Neuroscience, Medicine and Public Health
  • To disseminate knowledge and the results of the research in the fields relating  to or in the purview of Architecture and Psychology
  • To provide resources, consultation, recommendations and assistance to those working in the scope of Architecture and Psychology, in the fields of education, communication, research, business, industry, government and public policy
  • To be a global multi-disciplinary knowledge hub by bringing together those persons engaged in the practice of Psychology and Architecture or related fields for the exchange of views, experiences and/or for mutual consultation
  • To arrange seminars, conferences and discussion groups on matters of common interest and act as a clearing-house for the exchange of ideas and information within and related to the fields of Architecture and Psychology
  • To bridge the gap between academics, corporates and policy makers with, and related to the fields of Architecture and Psychology