Built environments are design of spectrum of spaces to perform human activities efficiently and productively. They are evolved through myriad of distinct socio-politico-economic, cultural and climatic factors of a specific geographical location albeit ever increasing technological applications for human comforts. The triad of work-rest-navigation in daily activities has bearing on human performance levels from comfort to discomfort vis-à-vis eustress and distress manifested through physiological and or psychological behaviours in these built environments. Understanding behavioural responses of the users through the concepts and methods of cognitive sciences are essential and gain plausibility by complimenting methods in architecture and vice-versa for design of built environments to improve human performance. The purpose is to have cross-disciplinary deliberations of the professionals of built environment, health, cognitive sciences etc. to pursue research in Built Environment and Human Performance. Further, Smart Cities Mission of the Government of India is a bold new initiative with an objective to promote cities that provide good quality of life to its citizens. With expected growth of urban population to 40% by 2030, it poses a great challenge for the professionals of built environment (urban planners and architects) especially in context to diversified cultural aspects in the country. It is important to understand spaces at various levels with the interface of Built Environment, Psychology and cognitive neuroscience in contributing for smart solutions for efficient live-ability and bring out definitional boundaries in guiding the Smart Cities Mission.

Dr. V. S. Chandrasekhar Pammi


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