Welcome to ASAP

In a nutshell, we are a team of researchers, scientists, academics, organizations and students who are interested in exploring the relationship between Architecture and Psychology.

Understanding the interaction between human psychology, health and performance with architecture is an, often neglected, but nevertheless crucial element of questions as diverse as learning (design of schools), psychopathology (depression and aggression), health (cardiovascular diseases or obesity; design of hospitals), business performance (creativity and productivity), marketing (design of shopping spaces), safety and design of urban spaces overall.

These questions are of utmost significance and extreme urgency in Asia, considering its  unprecedented growth in urban development. It is not a coincidence that a majority of Mega-Cities is concentrated in this part of the world.


These  changes would impose a significant pressure to human psychology; but they also offer an opportunity to develop an urban environment that promotes health, productivity, creativity and happiness.

Culture is many a times neglected by both scientists and urban planners, by assuming the existence of universals. We call this the “fallacy of the universal brain”.  We believe that culture and cultural symbols are at the epicenter of human social behavior as well as architecture and thus need to be incorporated in the design of exterior and interior spaces.

Our aim is to initiate the discussion between disciplines that are usually isolated: architecture, urban science, psychology, business, culture science and neuroscience.

Please join us if you are also excited about these questions.

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